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Help make this local “Ugly Produce” company a name in Raleigh and beyond.


Ungraded Produce was formed in 2016 by Courtney Bell and her partner as an online produce subscriber service that delivers “ugly” fruits and vegetables from local farms that would ordinarily go to waste…thus making an Edible Impact.  Available for free delivery to the Triangle,   Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill-area , Ungraded will eventually expand into other markets.  



Help make this local “Ugly Produce” company a name in Raleigh and beyond through media interviews, finding local ambassadors and other opportunities for both Courtney and the company.



We were able to secure interviews in national and local Raleigh-Durham area publications, including broadcast, print weekly and monthly magazines, online and more. We secured local ambassadors for the company that had high social media numbers and were a target demographic for the brand. Prana also set up Ungraded Produce with in-person demonstration and selling opportunities that resulted in new clients.



Over the few months of working together, Ungraded Produce overwhelmingly grew their amount of clients and sales numbers. In addition to gaining more local visibility, the company caught the eye of major national competitor Hungry Harvest. Rather than swooping into the area they merged with Ungraded Produce and they now work together to decrease food waste and improve food accessibility. 




When tragedy strikes community rallies.


Founded in 2019 by local community activists Doug Eaton, Manny Mair, Amy Kenny and Debra Hixon, the MSD Heroes Challenge was born to bring together South Florida communities in remembrance of 2/14/18, the tragic day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


Help race organizers with messaging and strategy to raise awareness for this inaugural community event whose overall goal was to raise money to provide scholarships to two emerging student leaders in local schools, as well as to help fund organizations working to make the community safer.  



Upon the events’ initial formation, Prana worked closely with the event organizers to help with marketing, PR and sponsorship details. We secured listings in all S. Florida publications, spanning the three major counties. We also placed several features both locally and nationally, as well as TV and radio interviews with one of the race’s founders. 


Prana also organized for three major S. Florida radio stations to sponsor the event, including giveaways, on-air promotion and on-site tents at the event.


The MSD Hero's Challenge inaugural event received press in a vast number of S. Florida media outlets, which exceeded expectations drawing over 1,200 participants and raising monies to fund two scholarships and provide funds to five local beneficiaries. 

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